Rocky Mountain Stair Works – Salt Lake City & Park City Curved Stairs Vs. L Shaped Stairs/ Angled Stairs or Corner Stairs


A reason to consider curved stairs versus an L-shaped stairs is that curved stairs can increase the market value of your house. Curved stairs make your home more appealing and unique. Allowing it to sell quicker than houses with standard foyer layouts.

These curved stairs create a great first impression that also helps in selling your home quickly.

Rocky Mountain Stair Works curved stairs have achieved a great reputation on their high quality work preformed and have references available on request. One of the benefits to our curved stairs is they are comparable in cost to L-shaped stairs.

Another benefit is that they can greatly enhance the home’s foyer without ever changing the floor plans. Our L-shaped stairs will use the same amount of room as our curved stairway, but the curved staircase creates more style, more eye appeal and value than your L-shaped stairs does.